Welcome to bitcoinraccoon

bitcoinraccoon is a play'n'earn based on asteroids retro game.
Every day get 20 lives to enter the game and try to get the higher score which will be convert in satoshis !
buy extra lives with your score and earn more than 100 satoshis each game
share your referring link to get 20 % of payout amount of your referrers.

Tutorial :

1/ Signup
Fill your email and your password twice.
Verify your email (don't forget your spambox).
2/ Signin
Fill your email and your password to enter the website.
3/ Get your lives
disable adblock if it's enable. (this website have to show ads in order to keep running).
Click "get 50 lives" button and fill the captcha.
4/ Choose your nickname
Submit your nickname (you will be able to change it later).
5/ Enter the game
Click the play game button then wait 5 seconds, click "skip ad" to enter the game
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6/ Play
When you finished click the "save and exit" door.
7/ More lives ?
If you want more lives, you can buy some with your satoshis won in game.
8/ Submit your bitcoin address
9/ Payout
When you reached payout threshold you can send a payout request (you will be payed within one week).
Share your referring link. Don't forget to follow us ;)